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World-Class Training

Science-Backed Methods

Client-Focused Approach

Personal Training Packages

We'll start in my private gym in Oakland for an assessment and conversation to determine exactly what your needs, goals, and obstacles to achievement are. We will then embark on an epic journey to success; sleeping better, feeling amazing, and looking great! Taking your lifestyle into consideration, I will prescribe workouts that will improve your mobility, empower and energize you, and make you stronger physically and mentally. To put it simply tell me what your goals are, and I'll create lasting solutions to help you achieve them. 

The correct training cadence and length of the program for you will be determined after the initial consultation (once Adrian knows your goals and timeline), however, you must be available for at least one in-person session per week. 

Price: (determined by length of program)

Sleep Coaching Packages

Do you often wake up exhausted after a night of tossing and turning and counting down the hours until your alarm goes off? Do you have unexplained health issues that you suspect may be linked to poor sleep? You are not alone. As a qualified trainer, life coach and sleep expert, I am here to help. See the packages I offer below and let’s get you on the path to a good night’s sleep!

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Level 1: Bronze Program

This is a 30-day online program to help you get on a more consistent sleep schedule. It includes a quiz so I can learn more about your current sleep habits, a manual on how to set up your home and bedroom to make falling asleep easier, an evening wind-down routine for optimal sleep every night, and a nightly checklist to help keep you accountable.


Who should do this program? This is for you if you have a busy life and full mind and find it hard to fall or stay asleep, but would not say that your issue has been lifelong / chronic. To do this program you need to be self-motivated and have past success in kicking old habits and sticking to new ones, as it does not include personal check-ins by Adrian to keep you accountable.

Price: $99



Level 2: Silver Program

This is a 60-day personalized online program to help you dive deeper into solving your personal sleep issues. It includes a quiz and introductory video call with Adrian to get to the bottom of your current sleep issues, a manual on how to set up your home and bedroom environment, and the establishment of a nightly routine and checklist for optimal sleep. You will also receive weekly text messages, and bi-weekly video check-ins with Adrian to keep you accountable!


Who should do this program?: This program is for you if you have a busy life and full mind and find it hard to fall or stay asleep, but would not say that your issue has been lifelong / chronic. You’ve tried to make some improvements on your own but have not been able to stick to new habits or kick old ones. 

Price: $599



Level 3: Gold program 

This is a 90 day extremely personalized, in-person program to help solve your chronic sleep issues. Adrian will come to your home to talk to you about the quality and quantity of sleep you currently get and do an environmental assessment of your living and sleeping space, suggesting changes that will make them more conducive to restful, rejuvenating sleep. I will create a personalized manual, routine and checklist to improve your sleep and rid you of anything preventing you from sleeping your best! To quantify your sleep help you find lasting solutions, I’ll provide you with the latest Fitbit tracker and check-in with you weekly to go over that week’s sleep data and keep you accountable.


Who should do this program: This program is for you if you live in the Bay Area and your lack of sleep or poor quality sleep is disrupting your life. If you get less than 4 hours of sleep per night, sleep has been negatively impacting your life for over a year, or you’ve tried everything and have not seen the results you're looking for then it's time to let me help you finally sleep your best.

Price: $1299

Group Training Packages

Do you enjoy the energy and atmosphere of working out in a group setting, but what the attention and feel of a private training session without the cost? Then this package is perfect for you! 

Small group training is a great way to stay motivated, add an extra training session or two into your week, meet other fitness-minded people from your community, and find events in your area to keep your training on track (Spartan Race, Oakland Running Festival, Double Dipsea, local hikes, etc…).  Marty and I are real coaches. That means we instruct! We don’t just stand there cheerleading and shouting “Good job”, we educate and give you useful information in addition to inspiring to keep you going. So whether you're a seasoned athlete looking to push through that next barrier or simply need someone to guide and coach you through your fitness journey, I'm here to assist you in any way possible. 

Price: $30 (package rates available)

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